My integration

Would you like to strengthen your well-being through artistic work?


Date Time Topics Content/Material
05/27 2pm Repotting plants Art media: Painting, drawing, crafting etc.; in the nature atelier
06/03 2pm Attaching Creating with concrete and natural materials; in the concrete atelier
06/10 2pm My new home and the kitchen Creating cooking recipes, cooking groceries, dishes
06/17 2pm The earth and me Ceramics: How can I express myself?
06/24 2pm Landscape Drawing, watercolouring, coloured pencils
07/01 2pm Engaging with donkeys Getting to know donkeys in animal assisted therapy, working with donkeys; at the donkey farm
07/08 2pm Alone yet together Reflections on personal visions of the future; various media
07/15 2pm Open art graffiti Stencils, sketching, spray cans
07/25 2pm Playful joy Theatre; note: Thursday!
07/29 2pm What do I take with me? Woodwork What do I dream of? At night and during the day?


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