My integration

Would you like to strengthen your well-being through artistic work?


Date Time Topics Content/Material
09/04 2pm Myself in the homeland versus I am here; me and my family Art media: Painting, drawing, mime, theatre, etc.; in the nature atelier
09/11 2pm Overcoming walls How can we overcome inner and outer walls?
Colour and concrete; in the concrete atelier
09/18 2pm My new home and the kitchen Creating recipes, cooking food, dishes
09/25 2pm The earth and me Ceramics
10/02 2pm Landscape Drawing, watercolours, coloured pencils
10/09 2pm Me and others Creating a joint collage
10/16 2pm Open Art Graffiti Stencils, sketching, spray cans
10/23 2pm The Self Strengthening self-esteem
Art media: Painting, drawing, photography, theatre etc.
10/30 2pm Sculpture from a piece of wood Woodwork
11/06 2pm How do I perceive my body? Different media, exercises with the body posture, mindfulness etc.: What does my body tell me when I am happy, when I am sad etc.
11/13 2pm Lonely and yet together Theatre
11/20 2pm Group work: Intercultural dialogue Continuation and performance/presentation of a joint project
11/27 2pm Looking into the future Reflections on personal visions of the future;
Different media
12/04 2pm Dreaming What do I dream about? At night and during the day?
12/11 2pm Christmas baking Selecting baking recipes, procuring food, shaping and baking biscuits


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